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Q4 2020 MoneyTree™ Report 2 cutive summaryQ4 2020 2020 investments reach a new annual record despite the pandemic 2020 investments hit an all-time high US-based, VC- backed companies raise nearly 130B in 2020, up 14 year-over-year YoY from 2019. However, annual deal activity is down 9 YoY to 6,022 deals. 100M funding rounds took place in 2020, setting a new record Mega-rounds drive the funding gains in 2020, with 318 rounds worth 100M or more taking place in 2020, setting a new record. Mega-round deal share is roughly half of total funding in 2020 at 49. IPO activity jumps in 2020 147 US-based, VC-backed tech companies exit in IPOs in 2020, up sharply from the 90 IPO exits that took place in 2019. Meanwhile, M 2 direct confirmation with firm or investor; 3 press release; or 4 credible media sources. Equity fundings to joint ventures and spinoffs/spinouts are included, given that they meet the VC-backed criteria. Geography note Israel funding figures are classified in Asia. What isexcluded No contingent funding. If a company receives a commitment for 20M subject to hitting certain milestones but first gets 8M, only the 8M is included in ourdata. No business development/RD arrangements, whether transferable into equity now, later, or never. If a company signs a 300M RD partnership with a larger corporation, this is not equity financing nor is it from venture capital firms. As a result, it is not included. No buyouts, consolidations, or recapitalizations. All three of these transaction types are commonly employed by private equity firms and are tracked by CB Insights. However, they are excluded for the purposes of this report. No private placements. These investments, also known as PIPEs Private Investment in Public Equities, are not included even if made by a venture capital firm. No debt/loans of any kind except convertible notes. Venture debt or any kind of debt/loan issued to emerging, startup companies, even if included as an additional part of an equity financing, is not included. If a company receives 3M with 2M from venture investors and 1M in debt, only the 2M is included in thesestatistics. No non-equity government funding. Grants or loans by the federal government, state agencies, or public-private partnerships to emerging, startup companies are not included. No fundings to subsidiaries of a larger parentcorporation. PwC and CB Insights encourageyou to review the ology and definitionsemployed to better understand the numbers presentedin this report. If you have any questions about the definitions or ological principles used, we encourage you to reach out to CB Insights directly. Additionally, if you feel your firm has been underrepresented,please sendan email to info and we can work together to ensure your firm’s investmentdata is up-to-date. Rankings,e.g. top statesandtop sectors, aredone by quarterlydeal activity thatis, deal countfor the given quarter. o
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