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John Maeda Cover design by Eriko Kawakami Design in Tech Report 2019 每日免费阅读行业报告每日免费阅读行业报告 1、每日星球内分享10精品报告; 2、不定时分享国际投行报告,脱水研报等; 3、行业报告均为公开内容,版权归原作者所 有,星球仅分享内部学习。 扫描右侧二维码扫描右侧二维码 即刻加入【行业报告(免费) 】星球即刻加入【行业报告(免费) 】星球 (此页只为更多需要行业报告的朋友提供便利,希望不会影响您的阅读,谢谢理解) 2019 Design In Tech Report | “Addressing Imbalance” Illustrations by lunchbreath 2019 Design In Tech Report | “Addressing Imbalance” Illustrations by lunchbreath 2019 Design In Tech Report | “Addressing Imbalance” Illustrations by lunchbreath 2019 Design In Tech Report | “Addressing Imbalance” Illustrations by lunchbreath In case you prefer to have a “lean back” experience March 9, 2019 Hi there, I plan to have a full version of the report on my YouTube channel after I recover a bit from pushing the Design in Tech Report 2019 out there. I ll also make an audio version to go onto my iTunes, Spotify, Google Play podcast channels. In the meantime, on the right is an abbreviated pre-release video version that I made for my monthly briefing ✉ subscribers. Thanks for being curious about the intersection of technology, business, and design Monthly briefing signup here . johnmaedaCreative people are inherently spatial learners. They understand through objects in their environments. It’s what feeds their spatial memory, their creativity.” WSJ Magazine May 6, 2019 “ Source designdotco wsj2019 Design In Tech Report | Welcome6 / 98 Learn how to speak machine with a new little on computation. Source / Pre-order from Amazon | Barnes breaking down internal walls between physical, digital, and service design; making user-centric design everyone’s responsibility; and de-risking development by continually listening, testing, and iterating with end users.” McKinsey Design Index “ How does your organization make design decisions “Based on leader opinions.” / “Using semi-subjective metrics.” / “Objectively using design metrics.” Majority “Using semi-subjective metrics.” Close 2nd Boss said . How brave is your product portfolio “We’re bloated and incremental.” / ”We’re improving and killing bad ideas.” / “We make bold products and accept that some may fail.” Majority “We‘re bloated and incremental.” Source 2018 DesignInTech McKosmo Quiz / McKinsey Good Design Is Good Business2019 Design In Tech Report | About Design-___ Organizations26 / 98 McKinsey Design is learning, testing, iterating with customers. The best results come from constantly blending user research quantitative such as conjoint analysis and qualitative such as ethnographic interviews. This ination should be combined with reports from the market-analytics group on the actions of competitors, patent scans to monitor emerging technologies, business concerns flagged by the finance team, and the like. Without these tensions and interactions, development functions may end up in a vacuum, producing otherwise excellent work that never sees the light of day or delights customers.“ McKinsey Study “ When do you undertake
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